Jonathan Mills: Darkwater Airsoft site runner has joined the ranks of Floperator Podcast co-hosting and at times taking over managing the time scales. Jon has been a great asset to the team.

Jamie William Hodges: Hawk The Airsofter, a fun filled interview with more cuts than a Michael Bay movie. Jamie has since moved into civil service and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

Ryan Chumley of Smokin’ Crows: The Smokin’ Crows of Strikeforce CQB in Gloucester are a team built of players and friends.

Will Greenwood: The happiest and fastest growing YouTube airsoft sensation, Will took social media by storm and is now at The Grange in Birmingham.

Dave Taylor: Dave sells stuff.

Simon “The Tank” Jameson: Tearing up the scene at your local Irish site is The Tank, with the new Hexhog All Terrain Transport and 2 HPA M249 setups mounted to the frame, he is every bit as menacing on the field as he is gentle and comedic off the field.

Chris Paget: Co-founder of South East Airsoft Supplies and a partner of Floperator Podcast, Chris has designed games and played a variety of games.

Allyssa “Hassassain” Mills (née Homer): Stealthy, sultry and no nonsense: Allyssa brought a certain charm to her interview the likes we haven’t encountered since.

Joshua Evans: The artist and mixologist was sought after many months after Floperator Podcast’s initial release due to his work on the updated logo, thorough data mining and research.

Matt “Furey” King: The former UKAPU Chair joined Floperator Podcast to discuss the recent legal enacting of Policing and Crime Reduction Act 2017. Matt brought forward legal states and clear, concise language for all players to comprehend the latest legal limits.

JJ Hogan: RAID Airsoft’s head honcho was in to discuss his time playing paintball and The Coalition Military operation known as Panther’s Claw.

Chris Perrin: Resident re-enactment liaison and all around great guy explains the importance of education and how we learn about battles.

Andrew Talpaert: Friend of show and frequent “filler space”.

Chloe Durrant: Partner of show and founder of offering custom knitwear.

Matt Beddows: Handler of Stretch McChicken and administrator of Super Mega tactical Airsoft News.

Alex Bailey: Military Minds Inc UK correspondent.

James Bailey: Sniper extraordinaire and camouflage/concealment expert.